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Our well-regarded bond managers calibrate their investment choices in terms of the market environment and skilfully adapt the fund range according to the market cycle.

In-depth analysis of bonds combined with anticipations of shifts in the yield curve make Ecofi Investissements an astute and innovative protagonist as recipient of many awards.




A thorough credit analysis that assesses counterparty risk for all issuers

  • A credit analysis with in-house ratings assigned to eligible financial or non-financial issuers, while setting limits on weightings and duration for various investments.
  • Broad diversification by issuer, with limits by rating and maturity buckets. Compliance with these investment rules is ensured “pre-trade” with the portfolio management tool AIM or “post-trade” by the back-office tool Tracker.
  • Daily analysis of contributions in terms of “Value At Risk” (position, sector, country, rating) and stress testing in terms of various realistic scenarios through use of the analytical tool Riskdata, while conducting calculations of interest-rate duration and credit spreads to control risks related to fixed income
  • Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) analysis identifying issuer risk in terms of these practices as early as possible.