Income Sharing


We were pioneers with the creation of the first Income-sharing fund in Europe in 1983 and today we rank among the leaders in such category.

Investments in income-sharing funds support the partner philanthropic organisation of your choice to which you pay out a percentage of the fund’s income or investment return (in general 50%).

You can thus help a large number of beneficiary associations in areas as varied as international aid, the environment, low-income housing, education, medical research, and others. 


Controlling the donation chain

In addition to our skills as a fund manager, we have an experienced back office that controls the entire donation chain. This spans processing the investor’s instructions for subscription of fund units to sharing of distribution in income or capital appreciation with the end beneficiary that he the investor has designated.

Shared income paid out from funds is eligible for the same tax deductions as philanthropic donations in France: 
or Individuals - For the “public interest or registered public organisations”: 66% of donation (apped at 20% of taxable income) - For donation to some organisations (in distress person organisations giving freely food, care or helping for housing): the deduction is 75% and is capped at €536; 66% or donation up to  € 536 (apped at 20% of taxable income).
For Legal Entities: 60% of the donation are deductible, capped at 5% of revenues.


  • A solid and close partnership exists with beneficiary institutions, most of which are banking clients of Crédit Coopératif
  • Various NGOs: many worthy causes are represented to address our clients numerous affinities and to diversify risks
  • The steering committee meets annually with certain beneficiary associations