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"Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) aims to reconcile economic performance and social and environmental impact by financing companies and public entities that contribute to sustainable development, regardless of their sector of activity. By influencing corporate governance and behaviour, SRI promotes a responsible economy."

Definition of SRI – French Investment Management Association (AFG)


Our SRI commitment is based on a double conviction

  • Fundamental analysis is essential but is not sufficient. A fuller analysis of the company – including its response to the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) challenges it faces – fine-tunes the quality of portfolio investments in terms of sustainability.
  • Through dialogue with companies, SRI investments can help improve the functioning of the market economy with regard to ESG concerns.

In a spirit of not financing any company or business approach, most of our portfolio management today applies SRI criteria.


Voting and dialogue are essential for encouraging companies to make progress in taking ESG demands into account in their business practices.

We therefore routinely vote at shareholders’ meetings of our portfolio companies and engage in individual and collective dialogue with companies involved in major controversies (human rights violations, pollution, business ethics, etc.).

To find out more Our voting policy



An innovative SRI approach applied to most of our fund range

Ecofi Investissements has developed two SRI processes for selecting corporate and sovereign issuers (national and local administrations, supranational entities).
These processes are backed by handling non-financial data from the ESG rating agencies Vigeo and Sustainalytics, as well as our in-house SRI research.
Our approach covers most of the funds managed by Ecofi Investissements:
- an SRI Responsible process for the traditional range;
- a more demanding SRI Engaged process for our ethical and social investing range.

Information (content, frequency and means used) in the regulation relating to disclosure supplied by fund management companies on environmental, social and governance criteria integrated in investment policy is presented in the Transparency Code.

To find out more > SRI Engaged transparency code / SRI Responsible transparency code

Our SRI processes are thorough and transparent and based on two successive filters to go beyond companies’ public statements.

1/ An assessment of companies’ ESG performance that focuses on:
quantitative indicators of corporate and sovereign metrics. For example: CO2 emissions per MWh per year for power generators; frequency and seriousness of work-related accidents in construction, etc.
- the “Ecofi touch”, which overweights securities in tandem with Groupe Crédit Coopératif: balance of board powers, responsible relations with customers and suppliers, rejection of tax havens, non-discrimination (eg gender, age, ethnic).

2/ Evaluation of controversies facing companies: this filter reduces our investment exposure in companies involved in significant incidents in the areas of pollution, corruption, money laundering, human rights violation, etc.

The ultimate objective of these two successive filters is to select only the best-of-breed among companies through a reality check (comparing their words with their deeds).

A proprietary SRI database
This is used to monitor precisely the SRI ratings of all our portfolios and ESG performances of more than 2000 issuers. It offers the opportunity to create dedicated funds with a tailored SRI approach corresponding to your values. 




Understanding better means investing better for the long term

Before investing in a company – through its shares or bonds – the portfolio manager undertakes a methodical analysis of its economic and accounting fundamentals, including its balance sheet and business model, the sector’s outlook, etc. This allows the manager to estimate its financial value and to determine whether the investment makes sense.

This is an essential step but alone is not sufficient. SRI deepens the overall vision by analysing the company’s performance in three additional areas:

  • Environment: pollution and “green” products (eco-designed)
  • Social: human resources, employee health and safety, human rights
  • Governance: balance of powers, business ethics



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