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Engaged portfolio management

Reconciling performance and responsibility in money management is the objective of Ecofi Investissements’ Engaged Investment. In fact, this has been a hallmark of our strategy for 35 years.

We offer you funds that take different possible forms of financial solidarity for social purposes: income grants to about 20 non-profit associations and foundations and provision of very cheap financing for some social enterprises.

These investments are managed with a SRI Engaged filter that addresses Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) concerns and excludes the most controversial companies.

Our approach has received regular awards and many of our funds carry the Novethic SRI and the Finansol social finance labels, which vouchsafe disclosure and credibility.

SRI / Logic of influence

  • Analysing companies in all their dimensions, while taking into account their Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) impact
  • An SRI Engaged filter for the ethical and social investing fund range and an SRI Responsible filter for most of the traditional fund range

Social investing / Logic of assistance

  • Pioneer and leader
  • Useful investor at the service of the real economy

Income Sharing / Logic of giving

  • A pioneer with the first income-sharing fund in Europe
  • 20 associations receive your donations

Sustainable development / Logic of providing for the future

  • Investing in underlying trends of the future of mankind and the environment
  • Listed and non-listed investment expertise with our Financière de Champlain subsidiary