The goal of giving

By investing in income-sharing funds, you decide to donate a percentage of fund income distribution (paid out from interest, dividends, capital gains) to an organisation chosen by you from among the fund’s partner beneficiaries.

35 years of social finance in favour of solidarity

As the creator of the first income-sharing fund in Europe in 1983, Crédit Coopératif Group was a pioneer in this field and still ranks as leader.
In 1983, the Catholic Committee against Hunger & for Development (CCFD), with support from Crédit Coopératif and our firm, Ecofi Investissements, initiated social finance favouring solidarity in France through the launch of a first income-sharing fund, called "Faim et Développement" (Hunger and Development). The idea was to share the fruits of savings with a humanitarian NGO to help finance development projects in disadvantaged countries, in particular the growth of small and micro- businesses in Africa. For 35 years, Faim et Développement has helped raise almost €26 million in donations for the NGO SIDI. This offshoot of CCFD-Terre Solidaire brings financial and technical support to “local financial structures” that offer financial services to persons excluded from traditional banking circuits.


Controlling the donation chain

In addition to its skills as investment manager, our firm has an experienced back office that controls the entire donation chain. This goes from handling our investors’ subscription in fund units to sharing a percentage of income distributed from revenues (interest, dividends) or capital gains with the end beneficiary that you have designated.


Beneficiary enterprises chosen on the basis of your affinities

Ecofi Investissements offers you a large number of beneficiary institutions, with which Crédit Coopératif Group maintains very close relations in areas as varied as international aid, the environment, low-income housing, education, medical research and others.


You may choose your beneficiary from among four major themes: