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At a glance

NameAsset classNAVYTD3 years5 years
BTP TrésorerieMoney market10 841.96-0.10%0.11%0.88%
Choix SolidaireBalanced74.422.34%7.23%21.84%
Ecofi Convertibles EuroBalanced188.678.00%26.93%49.21%
Ecofi Enjeux FutursEquities81.1316.60%35.37%119.51%
Ecofi Opportunités 360Balanced196.790.96%2.16%6.55%
Epargne Ethique ActionsEquities74.6611.27%27.23%66.61%
Epargne Ethique FlexibleBalanced90.096.16%17.38%40.13%
Epargne Ethique MonétaireMoney market1 013.21-0.11%-0.08%0.24%
Epargne Ethique ObligationsBonds190.652.03%4.95%13.36%
Data on 11/23/2017

Key figures relate to prior years and past performances is not a reliable indicator of future performance.