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Socially useful finance

Investing in enterprises with high social or environmental value endows significance to long-term savings as it contributes to the financing of concrete projects in the real economy.

35 years of impact finance promoting solidarity
Since the creation of our first income-sharing fund in 1983, Ecofi Investissements has committed itself to supporting the social economy.

Our approach? 
To finance social enterprises at preferential terms of cost (approximately at the equivalent rate of interest payable in France on the Livret A passbook for retail savers), in order provide them with the resources that give life to their projects.
Belonging to Crédit Coopératif Group enables us to act on a daily basis by taking part in financing more than 70 social enterprises (companies, institutions) through the allocation for impact investments within our funds.

Transparency and liquidity
Investors are informed precisely of those beneficiary organisations that receive financing and their area of activity.
Ecofi Investissements has joined with Crédit Coopératif to set up conditions for ensuring liquidity of securities featuring in social investments. This allows our investors to retain flexibility in managing their investments in our funds and in turn social enterprises to continue receiving financing.

Investing in major themes

The organisations that we finance work in many sectors of activity in France and elsewhere with the objective of combining social and/or environmental utility with their economic activity.

The four main themes of solidarity (as of 30th June 2018)



Our solidarity-based commitment thus covers four broad themes